DUBAI-NG IT........

Handcrafted Quality

Landing in Dubai I had no idea I would be staying here.  My plans were to see my sweetheart after being apart for 13 months.  Little did I know I would be offered a position at  "the mud house studio", a ceramics studio/school and coffee house.  I teach a few hours each day and when time permits, I throw a few new pieces.  

I am excited for the chance to mix up a few new glazes, and get more familiar with the process of firing in an electric kiln.  So if you ever get to Dubai, look us up, stop in and see what is going on, maybe sign up for a quick lesson.

The food here is so good!  Actually I did not even think ahead of time what I would experience here in the culinary world. I made plans and off I went so the food part of this trip was far from front and center.  

  Arabic of course, Lebanese, India, Turkish, Iranian, Pakistani, Afgani,  Filipino, Afrikan, etc.  All the world spices come to life here.  The dishes they create are perfect for a potter like me, small dip bowls, serving bowls, spice jars, serving dishes et al,  all fit into the type of work I love to create.