we are born of one breath, one word.  We are all one spark, ..................Sun becoming

I few milestones came out of my stay in Jingdezhen, I did not develop a calculation for string theory, but I did achieve some things that at the time seemed out of reach. 

First Foreign ceramic artist to exhibit  at the Pottery Workshop ceramics Fair Jingdezhen 2014 -15

First Solely owned American Ceramics studio in Jingdezhen China 2016

JIngdezhen International Ceramics Fair 2017 & 2018

Lilling China Ceramics expo 2017

go round one foot nailed down

Liling ceramics Expo 2017

Beating tired bones again, age old battle cry. weapon out and belly in

Handcrafted Quality

Jingdezhen 2013 - 2019 beyond logical chaos.

Jingdezhen international ceramics expo 2018

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am focused on the end game.  I think then I act, sometimes not wondering what will happen on the way.  It has been a problem of mine since way back.............................

Do not let them tell you, you cannot succeed in life without a degree.