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University of Wisconsin Whitewater, Whitewater, Wi  
Non-degree Audit Student, Ceramics 1983-1991 

 Lizard Tongue Clay works Inc, Waterford, Wi 1983-2013 
Design, develop and create with passion Functional & sculptural clay works 
 Knowledge and use of the “Empirical formula” for glaze calculation of original glazes 
Establish a reputation for originality, quality, and customer service 

 Maintaining studio function within a budget to remain profitable each year.  
Lessons and instruction on design ideas and producing functional work. 
Building a data base of customers and marketing at various exhibitions.  


Thomas Feyrer Ceramics Inc, Jingdezhen China 2013-2019 

 Open first solely owned Western inspired pottery studio in Jingdezhen 
Design and produce original one of a kind handmade ceramic work 
Continuing with integrity and ethics to establish a thriving studio.  self  
Reliability, from glaze calculation and mixing, glaze application, form design  
and production, glaze firing and ownership, market research and sales. Invited  

To numerous exhibitions and lecture to organizations, Jdz business association 

Tahanan Pottery, Manila/Quezon City, Philippines
Teaching of intermediate classes in Ceramics 
Design and produce using Philippines raw materials, electric range  
Glazes, and local/Thailand clays 

 Mudhouse Studio, Dubai UAE  09/2021- 2022
Teacher/Instructor in all aspects and levels in Ceramics, Wheel throwing & Hand building 
Managing all Calculations, testing, and mixing of Cone 5 & 6 electric glazes. 

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE, WORKSHOPS,_LECTURES___________________________ 

International Ceramic Exchange @ Jingdezhen University, autumn 2014 spring 2015, Teaching, lecturing in China while producing Ceramics, exchanging of ideas, Glaze testing, atmosphere testing on glaze results.                                

 Ohr-Okeefe Museum of Art, Biloxi Ms. Artist in residence Spring-summer 2015   

Researched and achieved successful results using a Bailey Gas fired, fully automated kiln.  Taught classes from children to Adults, Beginners to Advanced.  Developed a studio palate of reliable glazes, as well as teaching staff on how to use the Gas Kiln. Repairing of Electric kilns.  Producing stoneware ceramics, and glazes. 

 Pottery Workshop Jingdezhen China 2013  
Develop work in porcelain, use eastern raw materials to create my own glazes, with the use of transfers on ceramics, using stoneware and gold fuming.  Exchange of ideas, through demonstrations and lectures.   

 Pottery Workshop Jingdezhen China 2014 
Develop work for slip casting, multiples achieved, first American to be invited to show at the PWS art market.  Use of Gold fuming and slip casting, Chinese cobalt glaze.  Lectures, interviews and demonstrations.  Take part in the International Ceramics fair Jingdezhen 


1988 NCECA Syracuse New York sculpture exhibition 

1990 NCECA Cincinnati Oh, large scale sculpture exhibition 

1990 & 91 National Endowment for the arts grant, large scale sculpture 

1983 –2014 Numerous Art Festival awards and honors 

1983-2014 Numerous demos’, lectures, and exhibitions  

2021 Accredited for cultural arts Golden Visa, Dubai UA









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