I started the first "legal" pottery studio in Jingdezhen by a "solo" foreigner. No Chinese partners. I still do things my way.    I work almost everyday in my workplace.  Sometimes I will hire a local person to help me carry something or sand pots. But for the most part I work alone.

"The goal is to die with memories, not dreams"....unkown


Family, friends, past collectors, and strangers ask me all the time why I came here, how long I have been here and when will I leave. Those questions are easy AND hard to answer.  Why not try something new?  I have been coming here since early 2013. Deciding to challenge myself and my ceramics in a totally different culture. I did not set out to do "American/Chinese" ceramics. I have my ways and though I have seen many new techniques and styles. I have stuck to what I do best and not deviate from that. I am "me" after all and not "Western style or Asian style".

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